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My son has some learning challenges and also struggles to stay focused during a lesson. Zehra has an incredible gift of teaching. She provides a great mix of listening, speaking and amazing learning activities to support my son’s learning needs.



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Creative Drive Tutoring & Writing Services was inspired by the founding principle that every student can be successful and reach their academic potential when they are engaged and active in their learning.

Creative Drive Tutoring & Writing Services recognizes that traditional educational system is no longer able to meet the diverse needs of today’s learners. Driven by the obvious need for an alternative learning system, we created a model that allows students to work alongside an educator who constantly motivates the student to stay on task and take musical or active body breaks in-between, to recharge, and be productive.

Although the idea of online learning may not be unique, Creative Drive Tutoring & Writing Services offers a dynamic and interactive muti-media platform, which is far more engaging than a simple just read text on a screen. We believe that bonding with the students and understanding their strengths and unique needs allows us to assess them and teach according to their interests, unique learning styles, and attention span.

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Our Onboarding Process

1) Fill out our online enquiry form.

2) Free 1 hour trial class to assess and understand the strengths and needs of the student.*

3) Email will be sent for confirmation of payment details and a timetable of the tutor’s availability.

4) Once registration is complete, students are sent an email from their teacher welcoming them to the program.

“If a child cannot learn in the way we teach … we must teach in a way the child can learn.”

Dr. Ivar Lovaas

Quality lesson plans, varied teacher-led virtual interaction and outstanding customer service form the building blocks of Creative Drive Tutoring & Writing Services and it is these pillars, which lead towards our tremendous growth, and our special needs students’ remarkable success.

How it works

Our Virtual Classes will consist of a customized combination of:

Animated videos, white board teaching/learning, and online + physical worksheets to make learning time more appealing and engaging.

Music and Movement will be integral to classes, as well as interactive digital Story Times.

“Let kids learn the way they want to, and they will succeed.”


What parents say about Creative Drive

Riley, my 5 year old daughter often engaged in ‘parrot-like echolalia’, or repetition of words spoken or heard. This worried me, although it is common behavior in children on the autism spectrum. What a relief it was then to find a dedicated and passionate advocate like Mrs. Shahid! She worked with Riley on her language skills, and used musical tone to replace the repetition, and teach my daughter new words! This resulted in a significant reduction in my daughter’s echolalia, and amazingly she has been able to learn to use functional and more diverse language. Thanks to Mrs.Shahid, Riley now has a vocabulary of 200+ words and has learnt her letters and numbers. All I can say is…..what a difference a GREAT tutor makes!



As the mother of a 7 year old autistic son, I just want to share my experience of working with Mrs. Shahid online, as I have been inspired by the techniques she uses to help my son progress. She motivates him every day, in creative new ways, regardless of his challenges. He has made huge progress in improving his letter writing and number formation thanks to Mrs. Shahid’s constant encouragement. She uses so many resources in effective ways, including interactive whiteboard, and music and movement breaks, which my son really enjoys, to refresh and refocus his mind, so he can recharge and is eager to learn some more!



I was very fortunate to find Mrs. Shahid at a time when my son Daniel was facing many challenges, especially in online schooling. My son who is 9 years old now, and began working with Mrs.Shahid in Grade 3, is autistic and considered high-functioning. He was getting overwhelmed when given too much work from school. Mrs.Shahid, who is a very experienced teacher, realized this and divides up work he finds difficult into smaller, more easily understood concepts. As Daniel is easily distracted and prone to repetitive behaviors, Mrs. Shahid creatively distracts and disengages him from these behaviors using a mix of music, movement and song which is very effective, and ensures that Daniel is able to focus again on his learning, and has renewed energy, all while having fun along the way. I highly recommend Mrs.Shahid as a dedicated and passionate tutor who really understands Special Needs Kids and their challenges.



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