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At Creative Drive Tutoring Services our approach is to target and tackle any areas of concern in English reading and writing for students between grades JK – 12 (Canada & U.S.) and Key Stages 1-5 / Years 1-13 (U.K.).

We realize that while many students may need support in developing skills such as reading fluency and comprehension, others may require a focus upon improving creative writing skills.

We offer our students both time-tested and innovative strategies which are proven to significantly increase students confidence, and which result in a marked improvement in English reading, writing and grammar skills.

Using a creative multi-faceted approach, our highly experienced tutors employ: interactive videos and whiteboard, the most effective online reading and writing teacher resources, and digital story video books, as well as excellent worksheets, which when combined, result in successful outcomes for all students, whatever their unique learning styles may be.

Our aim at Creative Drive Tutoring Services is not only to improve our students grades, but also to build self-confidence, creative thinking skills, independent work habits and a life-long love of learning in each of our students.

“A good education can change anyone. A good teacher can change everything.”

Shravani Joshi

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Is your child struggling to read or write? Do they need homework help? Or are they struggling with grammar or figurative language? We are here to help, whatever the age or stage!

Contact us now and experience the Creative Drive Difference and begin your journey towards becoming a successful English learner.

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