10 Tips For Hiring The Best English Tutor To Help Students Learn Better

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What’s the most effective way for your children to learn English? It’s none other than hiring an online English tutor for children.

You must be wondering why it is so. It’s because a private tutor offers undivided and individual attention to your children to complete homework, assignments, and projects and prepare for exams.

Some students find it challenging to understand homework assignments, while others find exam times stressful. The best English tutors are subject matter experts who help students to build confidence and maintain focus.

Other benefits of tutoring include building strong foundations for future knowledge in students who begin learning a new subject from scratch.

Keep reading to learn about the most effective tips to hire online Canadian teachers to teach English online to children.

10 tips To Hire Best English Tutors for children

Finding the right English tutor for children can be overwhelming for the parents. If you want to reap the benefits of online tutoring, keep reading to learn about the 10 effective tips to hire a competent English tutor.

Your Goals

Before hiring a tutor, you must evaluate your goals regarding the learning progress of your children. For example, do you want to employ a tutor to assist your child  who is  attending online schools in Canada? Or maybe you want to improve your own, or your child’s English communication and writing skills?

Once you understand all the long-term and short-term English learning goals you have for your children, you’ll be able to find the best online English tutor that matches your requirements.

In addition to your kid’s learning goals, the parents also have to add performance goals if you want your children to prepare for admission, formative or summative assessments or tests.

Tutor Qualifications

You don’t have to hire an English teacher with a Master’s or a Ph.D. degree if your children are in the 3rd or 5th Grades. However, you need to check if the tutor has experience of teaching a particular curriculum or age group of students.

Many tutors may not have a college teaching credential, but other certifications and accreditations may qualify them  to teach English to your children.

Tutor Track Record and Actions

Before hiring an online English teacher, you must check their previous teaching experience and track record, such as:

  • Total years of experience in teaching English and which curriculums taught
  • Individual English performance and scores of past students
  • Improvement in test results and course work of past students
  • Improvement in homework assignments grades
  • Feedback, reviews and recommendations of  previous students and parents.


Parents should keep their expectations reasonable and goals achievable. An online English tutor is only human, not a magician, who can improve your child’s grades over time, but not immediately, as if with the wave of a magic wand.

For example, if you want to improve your kid’s performance at school, you won’t readily see an overnight boost in  grades.

That’s why you should  employ a competent and positive tutor, that works on the learning goals and development of your children, inspiring  them to do better in school.

Patience and Empathy

An English tutor should remain calm and respectful in their dealing with students, while  tackling their academic English requirements.

The tutor needs to exhibit patience during tutoring sessions to help your children learn effectively. Similarly, a tutor with a positive attitude encourages and praises students when they perform better. Furthermore, a compassionate tutor empowers the students to strive and do better at school.

Technical Knowledge

Digitalization has improved online studies and teaching in Canada, in which online  school teachers use different tools to make the learning experience interactive.That’s why an English tutor needs to keep up with the advanced tools available online, allowing the students to complete homework and/or submit an online assignment or project with ease.

Cancellation and Make-up Session Policy

The parents, students and tutors should decide upon  total working days, hours, and agreed time off. Furthermore, if the tutor can’t make it for  the next tutoring session, he/she should notify the students at least 24 hours in advance,  to prevent any inconvenience. The same rule applies to the parents if they have to cancel in an emergency, but it is preferable if parents or students can give advance notice.

Furthermore, a responsible English tutor will try  to make up for any  pending sessions to avoid compromising the students’ performance at school.

Active Listening

An English tutor must also carefully listen to the learning requirements of the parents and identify child learning gaps.

A tutor who actively listens maintains eye contact, nods, and interacts with the students during sessions. Furthermore, he writes notes and takes the desired action to improve students’ English performance. Active listening by tutors motivates the students, as it encourages them to ask questions.

Final Thoughts

Whether In-person or online, academics in Canada can be stressful for students. That’s why you must keep in mind the above ten tips for the best English tutor for your child in order for  them to develop effective study habits, self-discipline, and academic stamina.

As parents, you should remember that hiring an English tutor contributes to  your children growing into more confident students. If you don’t wish to compromise the learning development of your students, you should hire a highly-qualified English tutor based on the criteria discussed in this tutor hiring guide.


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